What is Ransomware and What Can you Do about it?

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You open up your computer only to find that you can't access any of your personal data or files. You then get a message stating that your information is being held for ransom, and you must pay a seemingly ridiculous amount of money to get the "key" to unlock and recover your data.

This is nightmare scenario that plays out everyday on computer screens everywhere across our country. In this post, we will identify what ransomware is and what you can do if you ever find yourself in this situation.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. Normally, Ransomware is aimed at vulnerable individuals, but it is only a matter of time before businesses are targeted as well. Ransomware will restrict users’ access to their computer until a ransom is paid to unlock the system.

Ransomware has recently become more of a problem for computer users as people are hacking systems looking to make a quick buck. Ransomware attacks are no longer targeted at individuals; there's an ever growing criminal enterprise that targets health care facilities, financial institutions, and more. A recent study conducted by Cybersecurity Ventures predicted that the total cost of these attacks will end up costing the global economy up to 6 trillion annually by 2021.

Ransomware plays on our fears of not being able to access our personal data...or that our personal information will be sold to the highest bidder. Paying the ransom for the access token may feel like the only option, the long term effect of doing so is the funding of this new daily cyber threat.


How to Prevent Ransomware?

Now that we know what Ransomware is, and understand the threat it poses to not just individuals but larger institutions as well, we can begin to determine how to prevent ransomware. The first, and simplest step, is to back up all of your files consistently! This is of utmost import as it guarantees you'll have a safe and secure back up in the event of a ransomware attack, or other disaster. Every business, from small to large corporations, should have a ransomware remediation plan.

If you or your company is a victim of a ransomware attack, hire a professional ransomware removal expert. These professionals, like V-Tec Pro Stop, can not only recover your files, but then help you identify, strategize, and implement a secure network architecture to prevent future attacks.


How to Remove Ransomware?

The quick and easy solution is not always the best option. It may feel like the easy route to take is to pay the ransom and regain access to your files and data. However, if you instead enlist the help of a ransomware removal expert, you very well could avoid having to pay the ransom altogether. Professional ransomware removal services help people everyday recover their files without having to be the outrageous prices demanded by the attackers.

How to Identify a Ransomware Attack?

It's not like the movies; you're not going to see a mocking face laughing at you or some sort of demon on the screen. In fact, some of the error messages you may see will say “Unknown file type” or “Windows can't open this file.” On a MAC you may see “No associated application” or “There is no application set to open this file.” After all of these messages you will then see the dreaded message: “Your files are encrypted.” You will now know for sure you have been infected by ransomware.

The steps in a typical run of the mill ransomware attack are normally as follows:

  • Infection- The ransomware will install itself on the endpoint and any network devices it can access.
  • Secure Key Exchange- Ransomware will contact the command and control server which is operated by the cybercriminals who then will generate the cryptographic keys to be used within the system.
  • Encryption- Ransomware will start encrypting any file it can that is on your server.
  • Extortion- This is the part where they send you their demands and threats
  • Unlocking- If you have a professional who is handling this then you should more than likely be fine with no profit loss. If you pay the fee only 42% of organizations actually got their files back.


V-Tec Pro Stop: Ransomware Removal Experts in Maryland

Ransomware is something we wouldn't wish on our worst enemies. Lucky for you, we are the experts at removing ransomware from computers and networks, so you can get back to work and recover your data safely. Remember, if you are a victim of a ransomware attack, DO NOT pay the ransom; contact V-Tec Pro Stop and we'll remove the ransomware, recover your data, and help you prevent future attacks from happening.


Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Computer Repair

computer repair

When it comes to computer repair, most people will try to take matters into their own hands by going the DIY route. Oftentimes, this DIY approach leads to even more issues with your computer! Unfortunately with the abundance and accessibility of Youtube channels specializing in computer repair, many people fall under the illusion that they can in-face do the repairs themselves, even without having the proper knowledge or tools. To avoid creating an even greater costly mistake, we've put together a list of benefits for hiring professional computer repair services.

Prevent Data Loss

Arguably, prevention of data loss is the biggest benefit for utilizing professional computer repair services. Data loss is a common side effect when attempting DIY computer repair. For instance, a person might format the drive containing important data during th installation of their operating system or perhaps damage the hard drive if they are trying to resolve a hardware issue.

But by enlisting the services of a professional computer repair company, your data remains safe during the repairs. Professional computer repair providers are experts at removing viruses, malware, and data retrieval. If you want to help prevent data loss, be sure to keep a consistent back up of your files!

Save Money

As easy as do-it-yourself repairs may seem, most people who attempt computer repairs by themselves end up making a mess of things. Professional computer repairmen and women have the knowledge, and more importantly, the tools to do the computer repairs properly, and efficiently. The vast majority of computer repair companies provide assurances that they will not further damage your equipment while completing the repairs.

Furthermore, we'd like to dispel the myth that computer repair services are overly expensive. At V-Tec Pro Stop, we charge competitive prices, while promising top-notch customer service and fast turn-around. We're in the business of helping you get back to business as soon as possible!

Save Time

Hiring a professional for computer repair services can also save you a significant amount of time as they are specialized in troubleshooting the issues much swiftly. Using best practices and procedures to identify the root cause of the problem allows them to make a quick and accurate diagnosis, which can save you hours which you otherwise might have spent in making unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue. Saving time is especially prudent when you need your computer for work, office tasks, or even for school. A professional computer repair company will address, diagnose, and fix your computer in a much quicker fashion than if you were to attempt the repairs yourself.

Peace of Mind

One of the biggest benefits in choosing to work with a professional in ANY industry is priceless peace of mind. Working with a professional computer repair company in Maryland means you'll know your computer is being treated and cared for properly. You can trust that when you bring your computer in for repairs or virus removal, our team of computer repair experts will the job done right the first time. We even offer a short-term warranty for any product that we repair for you. This assurance gives you the peace of mind to know that if something goes wrong or is not fixed properly, we'll take care of it for you!

V-Tec Pro Stop: Computer Repair Experts

If you every unfortunately run into a computer issue, software or hardware, that needs repair, you should always utilize the service of a computer repair company. The team at V-Tec Pro Stop will help you reap the benefits listed in this article. So the next time you face a problem with your computer, contact V-Tec Pro Stop and let us fix your computer for you!

Why Maryland Companies Should Outsource Their IT Department

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Technology is the number one force in how a business operates. Technology is constantly evolving, and ultimately changing the way companies function. Small to medium business in Maryland that hope to compete in their industry need to be able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to Information Technology, or IT. Unfortunately, for many of these small to medium sized businesses, having an in-house IT Department is not always an option. Here are a few reasons why a company should consider outsourcing their IT Department

Reduce Labor Costs

Training and maintaining an in-house IT department is costly. The most basic tech-support specialists in the United States earn an average of $46,420 per year. System Analysts, however, earn upwards of $80,000 per year. Unfortunately, hiring temporary IT employees often ends in disappoint due to limited investment and training. When you choose to hire a company that is dedicated to providing IT Support Services, you are able to bring in highly skilled information technology workers for a fraction of the cost by having the IT Department in house.

Reduce IT Fixed Costs

All businesses are about two things: making and saving money. Installing IT infrastructure to create a network, dedicated server, security, extra storage, and more can be extremely pricey. By outsourcing IT network support, these fixed costs become variable costs, allowing more flexibility in your quarterly and annual budget. In short, when you outsource IT support, you only pay for what you use, which can be a huge cost reduction. When factoring in that the cost of maintaining and servicing an internal network frequently exceeds the cost of the initial installation of said network, outsourcing quickly becomes the better business decision.

Minimize Security Risk

Having a third party manage your IT environment is also known as hiring an Manage Service Provider, or MSP. MSP providers, such as V-Tec Pro Stop, will maintain your day-to-day IT environment and keep it up to date. Additionally, MSPs are responsible for ensuring that all your data backup is working and securely stored, launch any security patches when necessary, and audit your inventory to minimize the risk of catastrophic loss.

If that wasn't enough, IT Support companies take on the responsibility of monitoring potential for unpredictable circumstances; such as backup and hard ware failure, database corruptions, software crashes, and virus or spyware intrusions. Professional MSPs will be able to quickly act to remedy any of these scenarios, thus minimizing network downtime while also also minimizing risk of data loss.

In the Event of Disaster...Recover Quickly

Outside of employees, a company's most valuable asset is its data. When a cyber-attack, flood, earthquake, or other disaster hits, management is thrust into the spotlight to get the business back on track. Most companies, unfortunately, are ill-prepared to handle such natural disasters when it comes to recovering their data...which can lead to a halting of business operations. When hiring a Managed Services Provider, they are able to separate themselves from the "shock" of the disaster and make quick repairs due to their familiarity with disaster recovery scenarios. Furthermore, any professional IT Support company in Maryland will have a full backup of your company's data and be ready to deploy as soon as possible.

flood disaster. disaster recovery

Increased Productivity

Reading through the above list, one quickly realizes the benefit by outsourcing their IT and Network Support. For starters, your company is able to lower its fixed costs, and thusly is able to focus on its core competencies. This added focus allows your company to divert all its attention on being great at the services it provides, rather than having to spend valuable time and resources worrying about network support and data recovery. Furthermore, an experienced MSP will be using top-of-the-line technology to service your data and network, which will lead to your company being more competitive and on the cutting edge of technology trends, as first-class technology allows your company to streamline processes and more them more efficient and productive.

V-Tec Pro Stop Maryland's and North Virginia's Best IT Support Service

V-Tec Pro Stop has been proving Maryland and Northern Virginia businesses first-class IT Support and Network Service & Set-Up for years. Come see why businesses choose V-Tec Pro Stop to handle all their data Backup & Recovery, Network Setup, Service & Maintenanceand Computer Installation, Service, and Repair needs.

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